• Explore the Imperial city of the Incas from a totally different perspective.

  • See your surroundings with a photographic eye with the help of a professional photographer guide.

  • Learn long exposures to achieve light trails and ghost figures in your shots.

  • Utilise optimum camera settings for night photography with help from your guide in order to capture the best shots possible.

The Arch of Santa Ana

The Arch of Santa Ana


18h00 - Meet in Plaza de Armas outside the Mcdonald’s, begin walk to Santa Ana.

18h15 - Arrive at Arch of Santa Ana, photo session on location composing the arch in shot and capturing light trails.

18h45 - Head down to Plazas San Francisco and Regocijo to explore and shoot, here we can find some beautiful fountains which we can include in our compositions to achieve some great long exposure effects.

19h30 - Begin walk back down to Plaza de Armas, photos on the plaza exploring best compositions to be found there.

20h15 - Start walk into San Blas neighbourhood, making stops to shoot in streets on the way, here we can line up compositions and capture ghost-like figures of passers by in the streets.

21h00 - End tour in Plaza San Blas.



  • A tripod is necessary to make the most of the photography, however we do have one spare tripod we can lend out for use during the tour.


what to bring

  • Camera equipment.

  • Comfortable walking shoes.

  • Warm clothes as the nights can get a little chilly!

not included

  • Water and snacks.

  • Personal insurance.

recommended gear

  • Wide angle lens

  • Mid-range zoom

  • Tripod

price (all ages)

$60 USD per person

Note: 1 non-photographer may join for free with any paying customer of this tour.