Salt Mines, Andes Mountains and Quechua Farmers

Photography day tour from Cusco


  • Capture huge landscapes, abstract details and portraits of locals.

  • Professional, multilingual guide to help you discover the Andes in a unique and fun way.

  • Focused on photography.

  • Explore surprise locations away from the tourist crowds.

  • Tips and advice to maximise your photographic experience every step of the way.

  • Sunday bonus: Capture amazing photos of a traditional market in the Andes.




9h00 - Pick-up from hotel or hostel and begin our drive into the Andes.

9h45 - Quick stop to shoot at a viewpoint along the way.

10h15 - Stop in Chinchero to pick up empanadas for lunch.

10h30 - Stop at a local textile market in Chinchero

11h30 - Workshop at Maras Salt Mines.

13h30 - Lunch at Huaypo Lake followed by landscape workshop

15h00 - Landscape workshop at our secret location.

16h00 - Begin the journey back to Cusco, expected arrival around 17h00.

sunday bonus itinerary

9h00 - Pick-up from hotel and hostel and begin our drive into the Andes.

9h45 - Quick stop to shoot at viewpoint along the way.

10h15 - Portrait workshop at the market

12h00 - Workshop at Maras Salt Mines

(13h30-17h00 as above)


detailed ITINERARY 

9h00 - We begin our tour by picking you up from your hotel or hostel with our private car to begin our drive into the Andes.

9h45 - Our first stop is at a lesser known viewpoint that gives you a spectacular mountain view. There's a pretty neat spot here that allows for a unique picture in which you can place your subject directly in front of the mountain range in the background (break out the telephoto lens for compression of scale!) We can take this shot for you with you as the subject if you so wish. We explore this location for around 30 minutes before jumping back in the car and moving on.



10h15 - We make a quick stop in Chinchero to pick up some local empanadas to eat for lunch a little later in the day.

10h30 - We stop by a local artesenal textile market in Chinchero to learn a little of the textile making process that Chinchero is famous for, after the demonstration we will have the opportunity for a great portrait session with the ladies there, they are always wearing full traditional outfits and are happy to have some photos taken of them.

11h30 - We arrive at Maras salt mines. This is a known location so expect tourists, these go in big groups and so are rushed in and out. Our private visit to the salt mines allows more time to explore and seek out better compositions for your images. We know some great spots in this photographically rich location. We explore here for around 1h30.


13h30 - We move to a lake deep in the Andes. This lake is surrounded by colourful fields of agriculture and the Andes mountains as it's backdrop! This provides an ideal scenario for landscape photography. At this lake we will take some time to relax and eat our empanadas before having a landscape workshop there.


15h00 - We reach our next location that is around 4000m ASL where we find a full panoramic view of the area with wonderful scope for potential compositions – heaven for landscape photography. This location is a private field belonging to a family of potato farmers that give us access to this unique location! On this field we can often find friends and family of the owners farming the lands and herding their sheep, this makes for amazing on-location portrait documentary work. The light and direction of the sun at this hour allow for very complete landscape shots with highlights, shadows, different tonalities and leading lines; for a photographer that enjoys landscapes this is a huge playground! Our guides will also lead you into the best locations and explain the light to try to help you get the best shots possible. We stay in this location for around 1 hour.


16:00 - Begin the drive back to Cusco.

17:00 - Arrival in Cusco, drop-off at your hotel.


sunday bonus morning

If this tour is booked on a Sunday it will include a visit to a local Andean market that is only open Sundays. Expect to see very little tourism and a lot of locals buying fruit, veggies and wools as well. The workers of this market are typical Quechua people and still dress in a very traditional way. For this reason, this is an amazing location for portraits! The combination of colours in their clothing and hats make for great images. It is easy to take great images as they are mostly busy running their daily duties. You can also approach specific people for great portraits.

Chinchero Market.PNG


  • Explore the photographically rich Maras salt mines in your own time and photograph at your leisure in order to seek out the best and most interesting compositions.

  • Meet and photograph locals in incredible locations.

  • End the day with a landscape workshop overlooking monolithic mountains and abyssal valleys to shoot these amazing scenes making the best use of the early evening light.



- Entrance fee to salt mines

- Photography assistance during entire tour.

- Professional photographer guide

- Pictures from guide will be sent by email in the following days.

- Transport in a private vehicle throughout entire day.

- Pick-up and drop-off at hotel in Cusco

not included

- Food and drinks

-Personal insurance.

tour price (all ages)

1-to-1 tour with guide/photographer (private): 200 USD

2 or more people : 130 USD (per person)