This expedition will introduce you to the peruvian part of the amazonian jungle.

It will take you to a native community in the middle of the jungle, to a  family happy to share their knowledge, we also get the chance to meet the amazing wildlife.

Monkeys, Caimans, Parrots, Tarantulas, Snakes, Piranhas, wild otters... are all here to be seen.


1st Day :

 Landing to Puerto Maldonado from Lima or Cusco, where we will find our hotel. The first day we will discover the surroundings of our hotel. And we will enjoy a drink at the poolside, getting to know each other and to share a small Photography History class. At dinner time, we will enjoy being in the jungle to have an amazing dinner at the best restaurant in town, where all typical plates of the region will be available.


2nd Day :

 Breakfast at the small harbour, and at 7am our boat driver, Celsio, will take us to the native community of Santa Theresita. It's a 3 hour boat ride on the Madre de Dios river, watching amazing birds, and stopping on an island in the middle of the jungle. Afterwards we will visit the small village, and they will show us the jungle, animals, and explain to us their way of living. Meanwhile we will be able to take portraits of these amazing people.

And after sharing lunch with them we will slowly head back to our hotel to rest in the swimming pool after a warm day on the river. And enjoy that moment to talk about the day.


3rd Day :

We will have breakfast at the hotel, and then we will leave around 8am to our Lago Sandoval Tour. All kinds of wildlife will be around  us, Monkeys, Caimans, Parrots, Tarantulas, Snakes, Piranhas, wild otters...

On the way we will stop to take some pictures of a native family dressed like their ancestors. 

4th day :

 We will take our time to wake up, eat breakfast and enjoy our last moment in the amazonian paradise before reality catches us.