Reviews from some of the people we've been lucky to meet and tour with. 




Exceptional trip with an amazing guide!

It was our first trip to Peru and South-America which thanks to our guide Dan was our best experience so far! 
Before our trip, Dan helped a lot creating the itinerary such that it would suit our needs. He answered all our questions and bought our Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu tickets on forehand. 
During our trip, he was an amazing guide who shared his passion for Peru with us. He has a great knowledge of the country and its culture which he showed by taking us to the most amazing places in Peru, also visiting several local families and communities. 
Thanks to Dan we saw the best and most beautiful places of Peru, which a ordinary tourist would surely miss! Many thanks for this amazing trip Dan!

Bozena L, Belgium

_____________________________________________________________________________LIMA PHOTO DAY TOUR :

This tour is not to be missed, gives an insight into how local people live in Lima and surrounds. Guide is very knowledgeable and passionate about sharing info and tips on Peru. Best day in Lima so far! Thank you Dan.

Joy W, 59, Australia



I had a great day taking photos all over Lima. Dan, the photo tour guide, is a professional photographer with quite a depth of experience and knowledge of Lima. I was able to approach people with Dan's assistance and ask if I could take their photos. I also found some nice new little places which make for beautiful photos and angles I wouldn't have considered myself.

Camila P, 58, Philippines


Amazing trip around peru ! Dan is a really good person very patient and very talented in photography. His human side is huge and that brings you to meet a lot of people you can discuss with. He perfectly saw what could be interesting for me during my time here. The concept of this agency is really different from the others. You will discover communities, places you'd never thought about and meet extraordinary people. Dan knows the best places to visit outside the crowded touristic places. It was an amazing experience and I recommend this agency if you want to live a different and unique experience across the Peru. His associated is also a very talented person and the combination of both will make your trip unforgettable as was mine. I will definitely come back for more human experience and more adventure. Thank you very much for making my time in Peru so incredible and good luck for the future !!

Nicolas J, 26, France


I will definitely do it all again ! Dan is the nicest guide I've ever encountered. He will show you all the best places, and will improve your skills at the same time. 
Dan, I am looking forward to see you again ! One of the best trips I've had in years.

Anton B, 28, England


 I am already a few days back home from this amazing expedition with Dan and I cannot stop thinking about those amazing moments in Peru! I only had a week in Peru, still, Dan managed to create an exceptional itinerary combining Lima, Cusco and the Sacred Valley and the Amazon jungle. 

Already weeks before our trip, he helped us creating this trip and answering all our questions. During the trip itself, he was an amazing guide and thanks to him I learned a lot about photography. But, what is even more important, I also saw and experienced the real Peru. He took us to places not spoiled by tourists where I could learn a lot of the local culture and the way of living. During our expedition, we visited several communities and families such as the Quechua family in the Andes and the Matsiguenga in the Amazon. 

In conclusion, I can say this was the best holiday so far for me as well as for my mother who went with me. If I go back to Peru, I will surely get back in touch with Dan and Pedro!

Mateusz B, 22, Belgium


"Thank you so much Pedro for all your work. Amazing experience, wonderful photography time together.

Tomasz Trzebiatowski, 42, Poland - founder of Fujilove and guest-host of our 17 day tour.


"I had no idea that when i signed up for this tour, that it would be so much more than a photo tour. The knowledge, experiences and friends that i gained are priceless. Thanks so much to everyone for making it so" -

Rick L, 67, Canada.


"Memories for a lifetime after this trip. So glad to have met you all. I enjoyed every minute of this trip. Truly unique".

Chad R, 39, Canada.


"In my opinion Pedro and Tomasz put together a well-organized highly educative and professional tour of Peru/Bolivia. The information provided before we arrived helped to prepare me for the tour. Especially the high altitudes, cold nights, rough terrain, in the Andean desert, this and Machu Picchu, were the high lights for me.

I found the trip to be genuinely enjoyable, of course the whole group can share some of the credit for the latter. We all gelled very quickly. I also respected and appreciated every one’s input and camaraderie.

Despite a few locations that did not pan out photographically as hoped for. There is not much that I have to grumble about. Okay maybe a few short sleep nights, and long bus rides. But after all that was part of the experience for this kind of tour.

We visited a lot of locations, and traveled 2 to 3 thousand km's in a few weeks. I had about 3000 images or should I say memories to edit when I got back. Every time I look at them it brings me back to the day I was there. WOW such memories.

Well done Guys, one more trip off my bucket list."

Gerald R, 70, Canada.