This 17 day tour was operated for the first time in a partnership with Fujilove, run by Tomasz Trzebiatowski. Tomasz and Pedro led the group through over 2 weeks of amazing scenarios in October 2017.  The group saw Magical landscapes and had the opportunity to photograph astrophotography, street photography and environmental portraits! All in one !

This 17 day tour was operated for the first time in a partnership with Fujilove, run by Tomasz Trzebiatowski. Tomasz and Pedro led the group through over 2 weeks of amazing scenarios in October 2017.

The group saw Magical landscapes and had the opportunity to photograph astrophotography, street photography and environmental portraits! All in one !


Embrace the Quechua and Incan Culture. You'll Visit Cusco, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca and the incredible man made "Uros Islands", The white city of Arequipa, Colca Canyon and it's Condors, Huacachina - the only oasis in South America, Paracas and the Ballestas Islands, and the gastronomic wonder - Lima. 

What you'll shoot : Landscapes, Portraits, wildlife and Street Photography


Visit Copacabana and Isla del Sol, the birthplace of the incan empire. Then keep going into La Paz and do a full day tour of the city (wonderful for street photography). Finish the Bolivian experience with 3 days in the otherworldly region of Uyuni where you can see 4 lagoons, 2 vulcanoes, the Dali desert, Train Cemetery and of course, the famous Salt Flats. This location is also perfect for Astrophotography during night time. 

What you'll shoot : landscapes, portraits, wildlife, street photography and astrophotography

In Uyuni you'll have a 2 nights Astrophotography Workshop.

In Uyuni you'll have a 2 nights Astrophotography Workshop.

Resumé of the expedition

This expedition will take you throughout 17 days into Peru and Bolivia. You'll be going across the mandatory locations in these 2 countries. more than 2 weeks and 4000kms covered, this is not an easy expedition, specially cause a big part of it is in high altitude! The struggle is real but it will also give you a feeling of joy once you've conquered high ground. Expect to return home with an amazing portfolio! 

Travelling for 17 days with the same group also gives all of us the feeling of belonging to a photography family! You'll learn from and teach different people and this will improve your photography skills.

A tour for the toughest. Be Ready

The high altitude is a true concern and some people are severely affected by it.  

In Peru and Bolivia  altitude sickness is a risk. It can happen to anyone, young, strong , old, athlete or photographer. 

The better shape you are in, the more prepared you'll be to face these challenges.

We can help you with tips on how to recover if need be. 


Detailed Itinerary


Day 1 – Free day

Arrival in Cusco. Free afternoon to enjoy the city and get used to the altitude (3500m).

Day 2 – Street Photography tour

Cusco city tour with a local guide. He will take us to a traditional local market, the main plaza, some nice churches and a couple of Incan Palaces. In the afternoon you will enjoy a Street Photography tour with your photography guides Pedro and Dan.

Day 3 – Train to águas Calientes (Machu Picchu)

Get a train with amazing scenic views all the way to Águas Calientes, the town right below Machu Picchu. Enjoy the thermal water hot springs and swimming pools in the afternoon (optional) and relax before the big day.

Macchu Picchu - the lost city of the Incas. If you believe in energies, you'll feel something really special here!

Macchu Picchu - the lost city of the Incas. If you believe in energies, you'll feel something really special here!

Day 4 – Machu Picchu and overnight Bus to Puno

Spend the morning and half of the afternoon in the Lost city of the Incas – Machu Picchu. Enjoy 2 hours with a local guide that will explain everything about this archeological location and then have lots of free time for your photography. Return to Cusco and head straight towards Puno (Lake Titicaca) on an overnight comfortable bus ride.

Day 5 – Puno, Floating Islands, Copacabana and bus to La Paz

Arrive at Puno and go straight into the highest navigable lake in the world – Lake Titicaca (3810m). Tour the floating islands, amazing man made islands (Uros) and meet the locals who live there and own no passports (lake Titicaca is both Peruvian and Bolivian). Cross the border to Bolivia with the help of our guides (easy and fast) and have lunch at Copacabana. Relax in Copacabana and enjoy the hippie vibe of this village. Great location for Street Photography. Late afternoon we get back on a bus and we will arrive late night (22h30) at La Paz.


Day 6 – La Paz – Cable car, street tour and overnight bus to Uyuni

Enjoy La Paz! Take a street photography tour with your photography guides and take a cable car to the top of the city where you’ll have access to an amazing scenic view. La Paz is also an amazing location for street photography so get those 35mm and 50mm ready! Relax for the rest of the afternoon and at night take a comfy night bus to Uyuni.

Day 7 – Uyuni (day 1)

Start the Uyuni tour in the Train Graveyard, then a local salt miners village called Colchani where you can see how the locals work. Go to the magical Salt Flats where we can take amazing pictures (don’t forget the perspective pictures). On day one you’ll also see salt pyramids, The Salt Hotel, Incahuasi Island (giant cactus Island). We end this day at Atulcha Village where we spend the night in a Salt Hotel.

Day 8 – Uyuni (day 2)

After an early breakfast we head to Chiguana Desert, surrounded by many volcanoes – dormant, extinct and semi-active volcanoes. We then reach the famous andean lagoons where flamingos are enjoying their day. Proceed to the Siloli Desert (highest and driest in the world – 4550m). Visit the famous Rock Tree (lava-cooled rock formation) and then the Red lagoon full of pink flamingos and red coloured waters. Go past the “Sol de la mañana” Volcano where you actually get the chance to go inside the crater and see mud boiling pots (volcanic activity of 100 Cº). You’ll spend this second night in a very rural place surrounded by mountains and an amazing hot springs natural hot water pool where (hopefully) you can see the milky way clearly, as there is no Light polution around! Bring swim suit! You cannot miss these hot springs, they are amazing!

Day 9 – Uyuni (day 3)

After breakfast, visit the Dali Desert, Green Lagoon and White Lagoon in the morning. After these spots we’ll stop for lunch and return to Uyuni. In the late afternoon we return by Bus to La Paz in an overnight comfy bus.

day 10 – La Paz, Isla Del Sol - Puno and Arequipa

Arrive early morning in La Paz and change buses to Puno. We’ll stop at the amazing Tiquina Mirador viewpoint for pictures of the best view of Lake Titicaca. Enjoy a ferry crossing – relax and take amazing pictures of the lake Titicaca. we reach Copacabana in the afternoon and go straight into Isla del sol on a boat. This is the Highest island in Lake Titicaca. The views are stunning. We then we proceed back to Peru – destination Puno. After dinner we will board the final overnight Bus to Arequipa. This is the hardest day with long bus rides. You'll have time to relax in Arequipa on arrival.

Day 11 – Arequipa – The White City

We arrive in the morning and you’ll have time to relax. In the afternoon there is an optional city tour with a local guide and your photography guides Pedro and Dan. In this tour you’ll see colonial buildings, the first jail in Arequipa, a monastery, Alpaca Zoo, love park and much more.

day 12 – Colca Canyon tour

We’ll go to the Chivay region, see the Condors (biggest flying birds in the world), a local village called Maca, visit hot springs with 38 Cº water (bring bathing suit!!). We’ll finish with a local buffet lunch and head back to Arequipa. We will stop along the way to photograph snowy mountains and volcanoes.

Sunset in the Huacachina desert dunes.

Sunset in the Huacachina desert dunes.

day 13 – Nazca and Huacachina

Departure from Arequipa in the morning and heading into Huacachina, the only desert Oasis in South America. Along the way we will stop at Nazca and see some very famous Nazca Lines in a high viewing tower. We arrive in Huacachina and relax. It is possible to do a Nazca Flight to have a better and longer experience of the Nazca Lines. You can coordinate this with your guides.

day 14 – Pisco Vineyard tour and Dune buggies in the desert

After a free morning where you can relax by the pool of the hotel or wonder around the Oasis, we’ll visit a Pisco vineyard Hacienda where you’ll learn how Pisco (the local wine based drink) is made and get to try some different types of Pisco. In the afternoon we’ll experience the crazy buggies in the Sand dunes in the desert! We end this tour with the sunset on top of the dunes. 95% of the time the weather allows for some amazing sunset pictures here! We arrive at Paracas this very same day after a short bus ride.

day 15 – Ballestas Islands, National Reserve, Slave tunnels, Hacienda and Lima

The Ballestas Islands are like a small sample of the famous Galapagos. Get on a comfy speed boat and expect to see Penguins, sea lions and lots of different birds. We’ll visit the unique Paracas national reserve after arriving from the islands. This area is known for beautiful desert beaches by the Pacific Ocean. We then head to Lima but we stop along the way in the Hacienda San José where you can visit a bit of the slave tunnels (more than 17kms long) and learn about Peruvian history. This Hacienda is soon going to be an amazing 5 star hotel. Expect to arrive at Lima at night.

day 16 – Lima, Barranco artisty neighbourhood, ceviche and relax

This is the last day with your photography Guides. Get to know the colonial neighbourhood of Barranco, considered to be where all the artists in Lima usually live, full of life, graffitis and wonderful cuisine. 

day 17 – Departure day

It is good bye day. Time to head back home with amazing memories and a huge portfolio to go through! We hope you had a blast with this expedition!

What you need to know before booking

GROUP SIZE: maximum 12 participants

Included in the tour price:

  • all accommodation: all nights at 3 or 4 star hotels (except 2 nights during the Uyuni tour where you’ll have to share a room, because it’s in the middle of the desert)

  • breakfast and dinner: breakfasts and dinners (excluding the drinks)

  • all tours: Machu Picchu, city and street photography tours, Uyuni tour (3 days/2 nights), Lake Titicaca, Colca Canyon, Arequipa city tour, Huacachina sandboarding and buggy tour, Paracas Islas Ballestas

  • transportation: taxi drives or any other transport during this expedition.

NOT included in the tour price:

  • international travel to Cusco (look for flights to Lima or La Paz and connecting flight to Cusco; at the end of the tour you will be flying back from Lima)

  • Airport transfers (in Lima and Cusco)

  • Lunch meal

  • beverages

  • tickets to museums or locations that are not listed in the tour program and require an entrance fee


3899 USD (based on double occupancy)

Requiring a single room is possible. This has an extra value of 700 USD

To reserve your spot on the tour, we require a deposit payment of 1000 USD.