Who we are


Peru is a photographer's dream country to live in! Mountains, jungle, beaches, colonial cities, Incan ruins, deserts, oasis, islands with wildlife, long amazing starry nights with no light pollution, rich culture and long lasting traditions, friendly and welcoming people, festivals everywhere all the time, positive energies and a chance to live new experiences. 

Two photographers had these same thoughts, and even more than that, they had the same vision - share what this amazing country has to offer with other people that are looking to live real moments, share experiences, exchange thoughts, click some shutter buttons and freeze these moments forever in images.

Here's a small introduction to the Andean Photo Expeditions team.


Dan soby - co-founder

After finishing my 3 years photography studies in Lyon (France), and traveling around the world, 6 years later I'm back in Peru. Back to where I started to get into photography. 

So here I am with my idea of showing you the real Peru, off the beaten path, deep in the peruvian culture, and wanting to teach and share all my knowledge of photography.

I do tours in French, English, Spanish and Danish. 

Favourite Camera and Lens : 

- Nikon D800

- Nikon 24-70mm F2.8


Pedro Pulido - Co-founder

I started photographing 5 years ago in my hometown Porto, in Portugal. I used to shoot my friends kitesurfing but quickly moved to landscape and street photography.

I moved to Peru early 2017 and followed my photography passion into the mountains. I enjoy sharing my experiences and the peruvian culture with fellow photographers.

           I do tours in Portuguese, Spanish                       and English.

Favourite Camera and Lens :

- Fujifilm XT-2

- Fujinon 35mm F1.4


Alex Williams

Photography guide in Cusco

I Joined the Andean team in July of 2018.

Originally from South-East England, my passion for photography started during my time living in the Canadian Rockies. Whilst there I spent every spare moment I had hiking through the mountains, it was the incredible landscapes I witnessed that inspired me to pick up a camera and try to capture what I saw in the best way possible. From there photography went from hobby to obsession, and as a result of this my passion for landscape photography grew. After months travelling solo through South America capturing what images I could, from the Peruvian Andes to the wilds of Patagonia I finally settled in the beautiful city of Cusco mid 2018 where I am keen to share my love for this country, it's people, culture and amazing landscapes.

I do tours in English and Spanish.

Favourite Camera and lens : 

- Sony A7Riii

- Sony GM 16-35 f 2.8



We firmly believe that the answers to these questions are what define success. 


What makes these expeditions so special ? What’s different from the other options ? 

  • We want our clients to return home with great memories. That is the priority. To achieve that you need great planning, amazing locations, dedicated founders that love this job and wouldn’t bare to even stay away from the opportunity of sharing moments with people of similar interests. That alone motivates us on every single expedition we organize.

  • We are also privileged to have great contacts that allow us to take our costumers to the kind of people you don’t meet everyday. We are good friends with amazonian indigenous tribes and Quechua communities. And we have pleasure in sharing these moments with a restrict group of people that will genuinely enjoy this experience - our clients.

  • We believe complimenting this with great peruvian food, small restricted groups, local guides that know the location better than anyone else and photography mentors that are there to help you is the right recipe for a quality service.

  • The future of Andean is to at least visit every single country that was inhabited by either Quechua or indigenous people. After all, the Andeas are the mountain chain that usually split these two different communities.

What are your goals for the next 5 years ? 

  • This is a fairly new project. We have thought about this for a long time but only really started in 2017. But both of us had the previous experience on each own. So having two heads seeking the same goals has actually been really important. We moved quite far and thanks to our previous contacts we started strong. We have great partners and solid groups of really interesting people joining our expeditions. It feels great but this is also the time to invest and explore new locations. We want to constantly challenge ourselves to grow and are always debating ideas. So 2018 has been busy, but 2019 will probably bring quite a few new tours and strong partnerships. We are already working on it.

  • We envision ourselves working in a few more south american countries. We want to know more about the culture of this continent and we want to keep bringing our costumers to locations they didn’t know existed.

How do you improve ? How do you take this project forward ?

  • This should be considered pleasure but it is actually work. We visit our communities as much as we can. Keeping real relationships is key. It allows the expeditions to remain unique and real. People feel welcomed and more at home. Anyway, spending time with these people is hardly a sacrifice. We get to photograph them while they live their daily lives and at the end of the day we all have a laugh together. It’s a great feeling and we love what we do.

  • Feedback is everything. We listen to our costumers and encourage them too reeeeeally tell us any critiques they have. Everybody makes mistakes and we are no different. That allows us to constantly do small changes to our expeditions in order to provide the next group an even better experience.

  • seek new partnerships. We have a few ideas of approaching incredible photographers to join in our tours and co-lead expeditions with us. This brings a fresh but experienced perspective and even more support on the technical side of photography. That's also one of the most amazing things about photography. You get to teach AND learn from others everyday because each photographer has a different vision and style. This all makes us evolve together.

What are the most important qualities of a service provider ? 

  • customer service and love for the job.

Any advice for your future costumers ? 

  • Be yourselves. Really enjoy these amazing countries and different cultures. It’s a privilege to be able to share these real moments and take home memories for a lifetime.

  • And if you’re one of the people that suffers when you leave your house without a camera - we are here for you!

  • please stop emailing asking if it's us in the picture below...